• Coded in Python from the ground up without the use of any chess libraries.

  • Traditional rules of chess (with standard piece moves, checks, checkmate, stalemate).

  • Ability to undo moves and play back moves.

  • Play against CPU or Human.

  • Save/load positions, save/load PGN notation files.

  • Game Properties (name, rating, game result, etc).

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Integrated Interactive Graphics Dashboard

  • Built an online interactive graphics dashboard through Shiny app for R with an OKCupid dataset including each user's age, height, religion, ethnicity, etc.

  • Created a two-part visualization guide for R. To view properly, you'll need to download the HTML guides.

    • Simple graphics (bar charts, histograms, boxplots)

    • Advanced graphics (density plots, contour plots, heat maps)

OKCupid Dashboard in Shiny (Note: ~20 seconds to load)

Simple Graphics Guide Advanced Graphics Guide

Genetic Algorithm Simulation

  • Inspired by my experience at haystagg, a programmatic advertising startup where I used a genetic algorithm with machine learning to characterize the top populations of internet users.

  • This simulation was coded in Python and uses the algorithm from PyWorld.

  • The goal is for the red fish to evolve by developing traits such as size and speed that will help them survive longer against hungry sharks.

  • The variables used were field of vision (the arc each fish can ‘see’ a shark), size, speed, intelligence (does the fish move away from a shark as it enters the arc), and frequency of switching direction.

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Genetic Algorithm

Twitter Sentiment Analysis on Self-Driving Cars

  • Text mined a twitter dataset (from 2015) to analyze public opinion regarding self-driving cars.

  • Through statistical modeling (neural networks, support vector machines) in R, discovered the following themes:

    • Positive sentiment words that were highly ranked consisted of "cool", "exciting", "awesome", meaning that it can be branded as a status symbol.

    • Negative sentiment words that were highly ranked consisted of "safe", "problem", "trust", meaning that self-driving car companies should focus on reassuring the public.

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Political Campaign Relational Database

  • Created a voter database in Microsoft SQL Server for a theoretical political candidate.

  • Built a targeted voter model through the relationships between voters, donors, and volunteers.

  • Wrote SQL queries to help the candidate such as:

    • Retrieve voters who have voted in all elections

    • Top donors for each candidate in the race

    • Volunteers from multiple previous campaigns

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Download Insertion Data Download Queries


Platform Level Editor Game

  • Platform level editor game (similar to Super Mario Maker) created from Python.

  • To win the level, collect all of the jewels in order to open the door, which will be your last destination.

  • Implemented drag and snap of objects, saving/loading levels, changing background color, play/pause/stop buttons, and more.

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Fish Food Game

  • Created in Python, Fish Food is a similar game to Feeding Frenzy, where as the player eats smaller fish, their score increases and their fish grows larger.

  • Enemies:

    • Jellyfish slow your fish down

    • Snakes shrink your fish

    • Sharks eat your fish. Game over.

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Zip Text Droid App

  • Save time by making it easier to call or send texts to your closest contacts.

  • Customize the wording of the texts and change the contacts.

  • Decrease/increase the number of contacts/texts.

  • Select up to 10 contacts or 10 text messages.

WARNING: This app was created in 2011 in AppInventor and the format is not perfectly adjusted to the newer Droid OS. However, it still works, even if it's slower than it was originally.

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