ETL Meets EDM:
San Francisco Concerts Spotify Playlist

Tap into San Francisco's vibrant EDM scene with this Spotify playlist, refreshed nightly from a custom Python ETL process. Discover live EDM acts effortlessly, with tracks custom-ordered based on performance dates (sooner at the top of the playlist, later at the bottom).

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Spotify Playlist

Chess GUI

Experience chess in its purest form with Chess GUI, designed for intuitive play and rich features on Windows.

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Propeller Level Editor Game 

Propeller level editor game (similar to Super Mario Maker) created from Python.

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Fish Food Game 

Created in Python, Fish Food is a similar game to Feeding Frenzy, where you (as the player) eats smaller fish, and your score increases and their fish grows larger. But, make sure to avoid the sharks, and any fish larger than you!

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Genetic Algorithm Simulation

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Genetic Algorithm

 Zip Text Droid App 

WARNING: This app was created in 2011 in AppInventor and the format is not perfectly adjusted to the newer Droid OS. However, it still works, even if it's slower than it was originally.

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Political Campaign Relational Database 

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Integrated Interactive Graphics Dashboard

OKCupid Dashboard in Shiny (Note: ~20 seconds to load)

Simple Graphics Guide          Advanced Graphics Guide

Twitter Sentiment Analysis on             Self-Driving Cars

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